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With the growth of the Internet as a viable marketing tool, every company is looking to sell its products over the internet. This is where B2C plays a very important part. You can use this concept to cater to complex consumer demands and the improved technology to create e-business sites and web facilities that are B2C friendly.

B2C Development in Advantix IT

One of the leading players in B2C development, Advantix IT has been providing some of the most efficient B2C development programs that help in growth of the enterprise, improvement of overall efficiency and the ability to compete on a global scale in the extremely competitive work of internet marketing.

Advantix IT has been using its vast knowledge and experience to create B2C sites that function over a variety of platforms including PHP and ASP.NET. In addition the solutions we provide also support numerous technologies such as XML, WebLogic, PHP and JavaScript.

The services included in the B2C Development package include website designing, implementation and automation of business workflows, document and content management systems and also hosting services for websites.

The Advantages of B2C Development:

  • Standardisation of incoming data by utilising the most up-to-date and modern technologies that hold up across all coding practices.
  • Proficiency in third generation systems
  • Ability to incorporate numerous useful features in B2C development such as document and content management systems, individualised desktops, identity management and the latest querying tools.
  • We provide all the information you need regarding the B2C portals.
  • Excellent implantation and designing of online advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns.