Load Testing

In a business setup that is always looking to expand, it is important to provide the best services to customers. This may even become essential for one’s survival later on. Therefore, before getting any software application it is important to ask yourself, “What is the handling limit of this application?” Advantix IT Load Testing Service will help you to gauge the capacity of any software application that you are planning to utilise. This is very important as overdoing the capacity of the application could lead to severe bottlenecks that will severely affect its performance.

With Advantix IT, you can be assured of:

  • Ability to use an increasing number of users
  • Planning to allow usage of additional resources and hardware
  • Effective use of hardware for the specified load
  • Complete load testing process with ordered phases

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The benefits of load testing

  • Improved application performance by fixing issues during production
  • Use of modern virtual gear and techniques for faster load testing
  • Improved efficiency due to repeatable load generation
  • Isolation of performance bottlenecks
  • Use of wide range of analysis components
  • Identification of cause of various issues with Diagnostic Software.