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An offshore development centre (ODC) is usually required for testing, developing, expanding the software services and the offshore applications. This is executed by a dedicated team located at an offshore terminus. The ODC mode is engaged for the secular tasks or for the ones that are well defined, but you are not able to identify the exact talent locally. Compared to outsourcing a project the ODC mode is significantly cost effective. The team is very well managed by a local and efficient project leader under your guidelines.

The secret to success in any kind of outsourcing, especially with ODC, is that you need to contribute a careful and honest effort in order to build a commendable level of rapport with your ODC team members. You need to provide them distinct task instructions and also be wise in reviewing the performed task. ADVANTIX IT ODC manager and his supporting team will inspect your team at a specific level (spot quality tests, attendance, etc), and you have an option to appoint an efficient project leader for your team.

You will be able to manage your costs and also stabilise the fluctuation of your ODC presence by offering a consolidated monthly fee along with short term contracts. As a result this team will act as your team by functioning in a different country, but following your instructions.

The following tasks are appropriate for the ODC model:

Development and design (offshore)
We start our design by defining certain design objectives and the system construction. Accordingly the database design and/or the adoption of the file systems are completed. The development mechanism includes the transformation of the particular design depiction of a software product in to the respective program source code.
Project scoping and analysis (onsite)
This particular phase includes the operation that the highlight the scope of the project, risk analysis and project estimates, major functions. After the scoping is completed, user details are analysed in order to reach a relevant software solution for the system.
Testing (offshore)
Testing comprises of both, system and unit testing. This also includes regression testing. The latter refers to re-running the testing. System testing emphasises on a whole integrated system in order to analyse the compliance with particular requirements.
Acceptance testing and implementation (onsite)
During this phase the client executes the acceptance test, based on certain predefined acceptance properties. When the acceptance testing is completed, the last stage of the project i.e. the implementation part is reached. This last stage is conducted at the client’s area.
Maintenance and support (offshore/onsite)

This is an ongoing operation that can take place either at our offshore centre or at the client’s site.

The ODC delivers you an efficient offshore vendor to serve your long term IT projects. We aim to create a synergistic collaboration between you and us.

The prime advantages of having an ODC are:

  • Complete flexibility on multiple resources
  • Reduce the cost of recruiting more internal supports
  • Accessibility to the already existing expertise within the industry
We believe that an ODC must be a true continuation of your team that incessantly improves the quality and productivity over time. It is more of a strategic partnership compared to a tactical transaction.


  • A huge variety of expertise to select from, including testers, supports and technical developers etc
  • A secure, well connected, equipped and properly managed operation
  • Ability to scale up and down as required
  • Offshore outsourcing cost advantage
  • Provision for contracts of short duration
  • Onsite exposure for team for limited durations (scoping, implementation, project orientation etc)
  • Advantage of time zone apposite to troubleshooting