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The efficient and complete delivery methodology that we follow, provide our clients with the most cost effective and satisfactory solutions.

The main of our Delivery Methodology is to create a streamlined process that will also accelerate and maximise productivity of a company. With well defined steps and a continuous progress check, we can ensure that projects are duly completed within the timeframe.

BY using our Delivery Methodology, customers can not only plan a solution but also ensure that it is implemented and maintained in accordance with the strategy of the organisation and the objectives meant to be completed. With the ability to create tangible results, the experience that Advantix IT holds allows it to be most useful for businesses and companies of all types.

The three pronged approach that we utilise include: Design, Development and Launch. The steps have been further explained below. The best part of the project is that you will be presented with regular weekly reports and statuses that will give you an idea of the progress and help arrest any risks that occur during this time.


The first step in the process is to get an idea of the vision you have for your organisation. With this done, we will create a design that will incorporate all your requirements. By gathering user stories, design plans, tasks to be completed and the criteria for success, we will attempt to create a design that will most suitable for you.


Right in the beginning of the arrangement, we will meet your team to get a good idea about the background of the organisation. Various topics will be discussed including responsibilities, timeframes, user stories and other necessary information. Using this, a checklist will be created to ensure the completion of the project plan.


Finally, we will head into discussing the application that needs to be created. Learning about the environment will be important so an architectural design can be created for the software design while also integrating a variety of other software. According to your requirement, the following can be created:

  • Prototypes
  • Security Designs
  • Performance and Sizing Model
  • UI Prototype and Mockups
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Data Creation Sample
  • Specifications for the Data Model


Setting up a priority list is necessary to ensure success. So we will take your feedback and while comparing it to the list of tasks that we are provided with, come up with a priority listing.


Next we head into the building of the application with your team. By using application programming, data migration and transformation, scripting of databases and other coding tasks, we will help create a complete integrated program which will have minimum troubles in the future. Regular testing will also be carried out during this time.


During the Design Phase of the assignment, a number of Quality Assurance and Bug Fix tests will be carried out to ensure the highest quality of the software application during final usage.


The handoff will include not only giving you the application but also any associated documentation that you will require for training the end user or knowledge necessary for maintenance and operation of the application.

Final Demo

This is one of the most monumental moments for the entire team as customer feedback can be utilised in this time for the development of future phases of the application.