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The performance of an application can be one of the biggest deciding factors. Many application designers often conduct performance tests at the end of the development process, but the problem with this approach remains that addressing performance concerns means wasting time in identifying the source of the problem midst the thousands of lines of code. Fixing this might lead to other issues in the program, fixing which could easily spiral into the entire program having to be scrapped. At Advantix IT we begin performance tests at the development phase of the design process itself.

Our approach involves 3 vital aspects which help us in our performance testing:

  • Performance Definition: We understand our client’s requirement vis-à-vis the kind of performance they would like their visitors to enjoy as well as existing industry standards
  • Developing performance: We fine tune our code’s performance at each step, keeping it in tune with the client’s performance objectives
  • Evaluating performance: We incorporate all relevant metrics to accurately determine the actual end performance of our efforts

With Advantix IT, we apply our experience to make sure that the software projects we undertake are able to deliver optimal performance, whether under normal performance conditions or under significant traffic as well. Our performance testing ensures that our clients do not have to face any performance failure. Our performance engineering services can augment productivity across a large number of applications including client server architecture, web technologies and the like.

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Advantix IT performance engineering methodology:

At Advantix IT, we employ a four step process in order to execute comprehensive performance engineering:

Performance strategy and system evaluation

  • Performance targets
  • Workload distribution
  • Usage analysis
  • User characteristics
  • Tool selection
  • Risk mitigation
  • Metrics finalization

Performance testing and simulation

  • Baseline and load testing
  • Benchmark testing
  • Performance measurement
  • Profiling
  • Performance debugging

Performance analysis

  • Result evalution
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Confirm performance targets
  • Metrics reporting

Performance tuning

  • Fix bottlenecks
  • Validate changes
  • Verify achievements of performance targets

Key testing types and metrics:

Testing types

  • Load
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Failover
  • Recovery
  • Stress testing

Metrics tracked

  • Client-side and server-side monitoring
  • Garbafe collection data
  • # of thread contention events
  • Heap memory usage
  • CPU/RAM utilization over time
  • Application/ web-server/ database server slow-down/freeze/crash
  • # of pages loads per unit time, over time
  • #of managed code exceptions thrown per second

We offer:

  • Pre – launch performance measuring
  • Pre – launch performance tuning
  • Production Supervision
  • Performance consultations


  • Increased application responsiveness
  • No additional hardware purchases
  • Better application response times
  • Removing operational bottlenecks
  • Application performance benchmarking
  • System architecture optimisation