Small Business IT Support Services

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Small Business IT Support Services

We provide uniquely flexible IT Support Services to Small Businesses who are looking for fast responses and cost-efficiency.
We can provide Small Businesses with a wide range of IT Support Services, including Wireless and Wired LAN installation and maintenance, fully managed Server Systems, Computer Support and Offsite Backups with Remote Assistance and Onsite Visits.

  • Helping Small Businesses to grow
      We can advise and implement IT Systems that help small and medium-sized businesses to grow. Using our customer management applications and support methods, we can provide a wide range of network services from simple Workgroups, Microsoft Small Business Server Domains or Open Source Systems utilizing Linux Operating Systems.
      We have a proven track record of saving costs, by analyzing and consolidating your IT Support with your Internet Connection and Website Hosting charges, we have already saved a number of small businesses up to 50 percent on their Information Technology outgoings.
  • Highly Committed and Specialist Services for the Small Business
      We are very highly committed to all of our projects and services; we are specialists in Microsoft, UNIX and Cisco technologies, allowing small businesses to take advantage of enterprise level support.
      You get peace-of-mind from knowing that we are constantly monitoring your small business networks for any issues, for example we will check:

Your Internet Connection is reliable

  • The latest Microsoft updates and Service Packs have been installed
  • Your Data is backed up
  • Your Security (e.g. intrusion detection, anti-virus and anti-spyware) is up-to-date
  • Your Database Management Systems are working
  • Your E-mail system is operational
  • Sufficient free disk space is still available
  • Wireless and Wired Networks are secured
Small Business IT Support Service starting at $399/mo