Test Automation

Test automation has emerged as a crucial practice nowadays, owing to budget constraints, reduced time frames and more focus being on quality. It is definitely a beneficial tool; however it can prove detriment if not employed well or on time. The conventional method of recording and replaying is not considered effective any more. Now it has become imperative to set clear goals and achieve them with proper execution.

At Advantix IT we focus on collaborating with our clients, understand their requirements and business, before suggesting an automation strategy, which is then implemented at just the right times during software development process.

We have Test Labs to back our processes for test automation, which are the centers of automation solutions developed by incorporating advanced technologies and tools. In the Test Labs, we focus on creating different proprietary tools and frameworks, which are essential for achieving the objectives of test automation. These are mostly open-source and specific to an industry. The tools we offer are based on automation objectives, rather than their own capability. To ensure effective outcomes, we carefully align our test automation services with the various stages of development process.

Our services incorporate testing attributes, like security and performance, the effectiveness of which is ensured by our incredible team of skilled and experienced automation engineers and analysts.

Please take the time to read through our Capability Statement to find out more about our unmatched specialist services in software QA & Testing Service

User Interface

  • Sliktest
  • Quicktest Pro
  • Rational robot
  • Visual test
  • Auto IT
  • RFT
  • Test Complete
  • Canooweb

UI Automation Library

  • Selenium
  • Jemmy

Code Scanning

  • PMD
  • FxCop
  • PREfast
  • PREfix
  • PREsharp

API test automation

  • JUnit
  • Nunit

Code coverage

  • Clover
  • Ncover
  • EMMA
  • Bullseye


  • Unit testing - rational purify
  • Performance testing- optimist
  • Memory leak - Jprobe
  • Visual studio team system tools

Why choose Advantix IT?

  • A major part of our workforce, including architects and engineers, are competent in the test automation process
  • Our automation specialist are certified
  • We adopt a consulting approach for reducing risks and maximising ROI
  • Industry specific automation frameworks and tools, supported by Test Labs
  • We ensure enhanced ROI by focusing on – quality, time, cost and risk