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Dedicated Development Teams

If you want to have better control over technical and human resources required during development process, then at our DDC or the Dedicated Development Center we can offer you suitable solutions. This model ensures better security, scalability, flexibility and transparency. You can have access to personnel and infrastructure by paying a fixed fee every month, for as much time as you require. DDC caters to your requirement for a skilled and qualified team to serve your business and IT needs.

Dedicated Development Center at Advantix IT

Dedicated Development Center makes it easier to organize fast implementation of a new IT project, along with providing efficient support for any ongoing project. At Advantix IT we have a huge selection of resources to provide you extended customised support for a long time. You can either integrate with the current team or utilise as separate extension, as required.

  • Facility to begin with an individual expert
  • Pre screening of every DDC member
  • Huge range of resources possessing various skills
  • Leverage over team structure, in terms of involvement, withdrawal or replacement
  • Time adjustments according to your particular time zone
  • Instant scaling of team
  • Immediately available IT infrastructure
  • Ability to adapt your methodologies or processes, if required
  • Comprehensive reporting and transparent process
  • Full control over the project flow
  • Tested and established procedures for the protection of intellectual property

Effective and simple DDC Creation

Engaging various groups, be it development teams, QA teams, testing teams or technical support, is easier and more cost effective with the DDC services offered by Advantix IT. Team size can be adjusted according to your needs. Besides, additional resources are also available, as per your requirements. Professionals, with diverse skill sets, can be involved in various tasks. All these help to make the process easily manageable, along with ensuring better resource efficiency.

Steps involved in DDC Creation:

  • Cooperation initiation and signing of agreement
  • Sharing of knowledge regarding requirements, standards and process
  • Selection of team and role distribution
  • Infrastructure setup and segregation
  • Defining methodology and process
  • Launch of DDC
  • Reviewing and adjustment of operation